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2 weeks ago

Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA)

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute
The new UL FSRI Fire Investigation Data Portal includes tools that provide the opportunity to interact with our recent NIJ funded research and even allows 360 degree views of the experiment rooms. Head to the portal to learn more about the project, read the technical reports, and take the new online training! Access the portal: #ArsonAwarenessWeek
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3 weeks ago

Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA)

Check out the new International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc. (IAAI) / CFI Trainer online course and podcast, "Fire Flow Analysis" that features videos from the UL FSRI team's recent NIJ funded research on the "Impact of Ventilation on Fire Damage Patterns in Structures." Launch the course: Listen to the podcast: With expertise from around the world, the International Association of Arson Investigators produces these podcasts to bring more information and electronic media to fire investigators looking for training, education and general information about fire investigation. Topics include recent technologies, issues in the news, training opportunities, changes in laws and standards and any other topic that might be of interest to a fire investigator or industry professional affected by fire. Information is presented using a combination of original stories and interviews with scientists, leaders in fire investigation from the fire service and the law enforcement community. #ArsonAwarenessWeek #FireInvestigatorTraining ... See MoreSee Less

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Day 2 of the FIAA Fire Investigation Essentials course.Image attachmentImage attachment

Fire Investigation Essentials course student field investigations. Putting it all together! ... See MoreSee Less

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