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1 day ago

Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA)

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute
We need YOU to help spread the word that stops the spread of fire! Enter our #CloseBeforeYouDoze video contest and you could win up to $25,000 in donations to your favorite fire dept! Watch the video and visit to learn more. Enter by August 31, 2019! Need a little inspiration? Come back to our FB page tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET for the world premiere of the Brad The Dad "Close Before You Doze" music video!
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3 days ago

Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA)

The Anchor Point Podcast
When your fuel moistures are so low, the ground is a flammable nightmare 😳 • Here is what’s going on with the video - This is up here in Alberta Canada. The peat moss is so dry right now (DC > 700) that when you kick it it turns to dust. That dust, when combined with oxygen and heat, is very explosive. Like flour in a campfire... • 🎥 - Video courtesy of: @whitecourtunitcrew... • Stay safe up there! • #canadianwildfires #wildlandfire #firefighter #fireman #wildlandfirefighter #wildfire #fire #wilderness #firefighting #leadership #getoutside #outdoors #fireseason #explore #firefighters_daily #chiefmiller #viewsfromwork #hotshotbrewery #thinredline #thesmokeygeneration #fireman_323 #theanchorpointpodcast #canada #hotshots #helitack #smokejumpers #enginecrew
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3 weeks ago

Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA)

Wednesday Words are back! Fire Alarm systems. Fire alarm systems are among the variables of built in �fire safety that may be critical to an individual's awareness of a �fire. Research has shown that verbal, directive messages may be most effective in creating response, compared to alarm bells and sounders alone. Prior false alarms and alarm system malfunctions may reduce the positive effect of having an alarm system in the building, because the occupants may not respond appropriately to the alarm notification. Numerous false alarms reduce the occupants' appropriate responses to the alarm. NFPA 921, 2017 Ed. Sections and ... See MoreSee Less

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