Membership Overview

Membership Overview

The Membership of the FIAA is currently at 264 members


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The Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (“FIAA”) is Chapter #38 of the International Association of Arson Investigators (“IAAI“). The FIAA is a non-profit organization and was formed in 1981 to further professional development of fire and arson investigators and to assist those public and private fire investigators, and the insurance industry engaged in the control of arson and related crimes. Our mission is investigator training.

The IAAI, of which the FIAA is a chapter, was formed in 1949 in St. Louis Missouri. It has chapters in most of the states of the U.S., in many of the provinces in Canada as well as in over 30 other countries. It has approximately 8500 members worldwide. There have been five Canadians elected as IAAI Presidents over the years. A list is provided below.

Application for membership to the IAAI requires a separate membership application form and a separate fee from the FIAA. The IAAI membership $100 USD / year.

Benefits of membership to the FIAA include:

  • Three fire investigation training seminars a year, held in various locations in Alberta to accommodate our members province wide.
  • Membership directory published yearly.
  • Quarterly Newsletter informing our membership of upcoming seminars and the topics offered, as well as information of interest to the fire investigation community.
  • A forum to establish contacts, develop resources and meet with other professionals in the fire investigation community.
  • A professional designation as a fire investigator offered through the IAAI’s Certified Fire Investigator (“CFI”) program.
  • It only costs $50 (+GST) CAD for the first year to join. Subsequent years are $100 (+GST) CAD. Use the promotional code newmember upon checkout.
  • (We don’t want your money on application. We vet new applicants at our monthly meet. Once approved, send your money then.)

Contact Trevor Mistal for details on becoming an FIAA member.

Notable Canadians who served as President of the IAAI

  • Lt. Col. Edward J. Desjardins – President 1957-58 (Canadian Military Fire Marshal)
  • Patrick J. Collins – President – 1964-66 (Fire Underwriter’s Investigation Bureau) Later to become ICPB
  • Daniel B. Lemieux – President – 1981-82 (Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau)
  • Jean Claude Cloutier – President – 1992-93 (Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau)
  • Judith Maydew – President – 1998-1999 (Underwriter’s Adjustment Bureau)